Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)


Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is a procedure used to correct aesthetic nasal deformities such as fallen or bulbous nasal tip, broad back, lateralization and others. Nowadays, the main goal of nasal surgery is to improve the appearance while preserving the main function of the nose, which is the natural flow of air through the nostrils.

Where are the nasal scars located?

The location of the scars will vary depending on the type of surgery to be performed. In the procedure of endorrinoplastia there are only internal scars. Exorrinoplastia requires small incisions in the columella. These scars are very discrete and do not remain visible.

In some cases, where the nasal wings are very open, two small incisions are made in the furrows between the wings and the face. They also disappear over a few weeks time.

What is the type of anesthesia used?

Most cases of Rhinoplasty require General Anesthesia.

How will the surgery affect my breathing?

There will be restriction to the airflow through the nose in the first 12 hours of the surgery. Afterwords, breathing will slowly normalize. This is due to the swelling inside the nose.

A lot of respiratory problems are resolved through Rhinoplasty since they are usually associated with the septum.

How soon will I see the final result?

Rhinoplasty yields final result about 1 year after the surgery. Patients may experience transient swelling in the first weeks and months. However, improvement is normally visible immediately.

How long does is the surgery?

Generally, from 1 to 2 hours.

What is the length of hospitalization?

Hospitalization period ranges from 12-24 hours, depending on the type of anesthesia and procedure.

Are there dressings are used?

Yes, immediately after the surgery, the nose is buffered insight and kept immobilized with a plaster that remains for 7 days. The internal packing is normally removed within 24 hours.

After the postoperative plaster is removed, a micropore bandage is placed for another 7 days.

Is there postoperative bleeding?

Some bleeding may occur through the packing, which is normal in the first 48 hours. However, this is not a big concern, since protective bandage is placed at the opening the nose to contain the bleeding. This additional dressing can be changed at home as many times as necessary.

Is there pain in the postoperative period?

The Cosmetic surgery of the nose is relatively painless postoperatively. But if pain occurs, it is easily managed with painkillers.

There are risks in this operation?

No surgical procedure is entirely risk free, but it is very rare to observe serious complications in Rhinoplasty. Proper preparation prior to the surgery greatly reduces the risks of the procedure.

What is the right sleeping position in the early days after the surgery?

Keeping up with the face up always, and the head slightly elevated on a pillow.

When can expose my skin to the sun?

After the disappearance of bruising and with proper usage of sun protection.

Preoperative Recommendations for Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

  • Inform your plastic surgeon in case of flu, runny nose, menstrual period, indisposition, etc.
  • Avoid any medication for weight loss for a period of 10 days before the surgery as well as diuretics;
  • Avoid alcohol or heavy meals the day before surgery;
  • Schedule your social, private or school activities, so you can rest and recover for a period of 1 to 2 weeks;

Postoperative Recommendations for Aesthetic Rhinoplasty:

  • Take extra care of the plaster: do not touch the bandage, avoid moisture, and/or the temptation to "pull it to see the nose";
  • Take your prescription medications;
  • Do not worry about clogged nostrils;
  • Do not wear glasses unless authorized;
  • Avoid sun until all bruising has disappeared;
  • Do be alarmed be the intermediate forms of the nose through the healing phases (the nose is still swollen);
  • Ask your plastic surgeon any questions. Avoid being sensitive to the opinions of friends and family during the early stage.


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