Sensitive Skin Facial

A “Sensitive Skin” is not only a life-long discomforting factor for the sufferer but also poses nightmarish therapeutic challenge in number of situations. A large number of patients seen at Dermacare who have presented with what we call a “Spoiled Skin syndrome” were the ones with sensitive skin and have got their facials done at different salons and spas through poorly trained beauticians. This ahs compelled us to create professionally specialized facials particularly designed for sensitive skin individuals. At Dermacare, we have carefully selected a range of hypoallergenic as well as totally non-irritant skin products to be used in these treatments and saving us from any of the untoward/adverse treatment effects.


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International Affiliations

As part of its vision, Dermacare undertakes a number of international affiliations with the aim to offer its patients the highest levels of quality care and service, based on deep knowledge and expertise.

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