Under eye dark circles

The main anti-aging targets are to reduce the aggressive influence of environmental factors ( behavioral actions as physical activity and food consumptions, sun protectors, psychological health maintenance etc), slow down the natural aging process, prevention of the changes of main anatomical structures and recovery with stimulation of function of physiological systems to improve our life performance and positively affect quality of our life.

On the level of skin connective tissue we can affect collagen/elastin fibres condition to keep them short and firm, amount of functioning hyaluronic acid to recovery osmotic and diffusion functions for proper metabolism, condition of fibroblast pool and amount of fibres. Selection of procedures to provide strength, smoothness, elasticity, firmness and resilience of skin is based on the clinical assessment and identification of most important necessary component for recovery. As skin age, the body stops producing all components of extracellular matrix and at Dermacare after advanced skin analysis a combination of treatments offered to reach the most effective results.

Beside the cells itself there is Extracellular matrix is a very complex structure of connective tissue of skin. The aging process is affecting all structural elements of the skin that leads to reduction of functional performance of fibroblasts and extracellular space. The extracellular matrix organized by plenty of different elements and there are collagen / elastin fibres, mucopolysaccharides as hyaluronic acid and water with diluted components.

A large number of individuals do suffer from significant psychosocial distress by having skin darkness around their eyes commonly referred as “Under Eye Dark Circles”. We are proud to say that at Dermacare we have succeeded in creating extremely specialized treatment protocols for effective management of this distressing problem. At first the dermatologist assets and after some clinical tests will choose the procedure or combination of procedures out of injectable (stabilizer of microvessels, venotonic, limfodrenaj, carboxy gas, filler under the eyes) and mechanical (as laser or microneedle) therapeutic modalities.

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