Lifting needleless peptide face therapy

Not every person is ready to go for serious injecting procedures with botulotoxin, filler, needle mesotherapy or even own plasma from his/her blood. As well there are some have contraindications or life circumstances when those proven methods of anti-aging aesthetic solutions are not possible to perform. And in certain life situations when you must to have excellent fresh, smooth, tightened and radiant skin of face, neck and decolletage.

In the procedure the unique skin occlusion technique will be used to increase penetration ability of epidermis for increasing transfer of regulatory peptides molecules which are itself less than 2 microns size (which is the maximum size of epidermal absorption system).

The peptides are naturally activating rejuvenation in derma layer with enhancement of amount young cells and new collagen/elastin fibres. Other kind of peptides is reducing the mimical muscle contraction which is slow down while regularly applied the new fine wrinkles formation.


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