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Once upon a time, the moles were considered as “beauty spot”. Unfortunately, people living at those times who are totally unaware of their killing potential of these moles by turning into malignant melanoma. As such, millions of precious human lives must have been lost due to this “innocent ignorance” of the true facts. Luckily enough, in past 2-3 decades the medical personnel and health authorities in advance countries, for example, USA, UK, Australia etc. have started paying an enormous attention to this issue and have greatly accelerated their efforts to save lost of human lives due to malignant melanoma which have been counted in millions per year. As a part of this increased professional awareness and advances in technological field, we have been blessed by the invention of mole-mapping system. Since its introduction 15 years ago, an early diagnosis of malignant melanoma has been increased tremendously and its prompt and accurate treatment has resulted in saving thousands of lives.

We, at Dermacare are proud to say that together with our progressive efforts in each area of our center’s performance, we have created a national center of excellence in mole checks by our most advanced mole-mapping system - Molemax 3 HD. approximately, more than 15,000 patients have consulted us and have been mole-mapped. In this process, we have detected hundreds of malignant melanomas at their early stage and have successfully are the sufferers completely with a prompt and accurate treatment.

A mole is not just a beauty spot. Many different growths occur normally on the skin; however can be life threatening if preventive measure is not taken. Before taking decision about mole removal the one of the most advanced and effective technique to measure should be done which is Mole Mapping. The Dermatologist with experience in the mole mapping or at least skin care specialist should provide the service to ensure a correct diagnosis. One of the most advanced is mole mapping. At Dermacare the Dermatologist with significant training and practical experience in identifying malignant lesions and skin cancer is able to diagnose those lesions on the skin which are not malignant, those that are suspicious or pre-malignant and those which are malignant.

Here at Dermacare Skin Center we use the most modern mole scanning system called “MoleMax HD”. This system capable to auto zoom 40 times more than any mole mapping machine across Dubai. Special devices are used to photograph each and every part of the skin. The pictures are stored in a special database. When images from two or more exams are collected, the dermatologist is able to notice developments in the moles. This is extremely important since cancerous moles are evolving slowly but steadily and the process can go unnoticed until it is too late.

Mole Mapping with MoleMAX HD it is:

  • High resolution HD camera as well as additional enhancements such as preview LCD screen, fully digital HDMI video transfer and dual widescreen displays
  • Combination of total body photography and digital dermoscopy
  • Mole analisis: high sensitivity and specificity
  • Identify new moles and changes in previous moles

With this method, the individual has to visit the dermatologist’s office for examination every 3, 6, 12 or 24 months depending on their skin cancer risk. The level of risk will be determined at the first visit of the patient.

With this technique, skin cancer can be detected at its primary stage of development. If it is properly treated, the patient’s five-year survival rate is 95%. This means that the person will have extremely high chances of getting completely cured.

Overall, mole mapping is one of the most effective and advanced techniques for the detection of cancerous moles. It should be used by any person and especially by those who are at higher risk of skin cancer and malignant melanoma. The list of high-risk individuals includes those with family history or personal history of skin cancer, those with over 50 moles and those with atypical moles.

The ABCDE rule of detecting melanoma

The guidance designed for very effective and early identification of superficial spreading melanomas. One of the following criteria is critical.

Warning signs of melanoma include:

  • Changes in surface of male
  • Oozing
  • Bleeding
  • The appearance of new bump
  • Spread of pigment from the border into surrounding skin
  • Change in sensation including itchiness, tenderness or pain.

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