Ultrasensitive Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is one of the most commonly used skin and hair treatments targeted at treating signs of aging and other major problems that can affect the quality and texture of the treated area.

At Dermacare our experts carefully design the most suitable combination to treat needs of each individual, whether it is targeting skin or hair problems with use of single procedure option to get immediate glow for short term before planning function or to work with more serious ingredients regularly to achieve long lasting anti-aging effect. 4 to 10 sessions are recommended for optimum result. Mostly there are not visible marks of the treatment on next day and in some technique for person with sensitive capillaries the bruises could stay up to 5 days.

Advanced skin analysis and successful practical experience are the base to pick the most right medicine or combination of them.

Some of the benefits: skin instant glow and tightening, firming, scars treatment, hair loss treatment, hair lift treatment, reduces fine lines.


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International Affiliations

As part of its vision, Dermacare undertakes a number of international affiliations with the aim to offer its patients the highest levels of quality care and service, based on deep knowledge and expertise.

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