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Dr. Ikramullah Al Nasir

"The future is for those who dare to dream and find the courage to pursue their dreams"

15 years ago we also conceived a dream-the dream of creating a center of excellence in the field of dermatology. Lady luck favored us and God was also on our side that we were able to translate our dream into reality – Dermacare. The inception of Dermacare was primarily based on our belief in the famous Blue Ocean Strategy:

“To Create an Uncontested Market Space and to Make The Competition Irrelevant”.

Since its start till date Dermacare has been showered with God’s blessings and its patient’s enormous trust which made it able to gain 50,000 patient registrations. For a single specialty centre, Dermacare though perhaps not be the only ,is definitely among very few in the region to achieve this landmark in such a short period of time .Many of our professional colleagues do show surprise and sometimes express curiosity to know our secret of such a phenomenal success. The answer is very simple-our intense love for our patients and performing through unparalleled, high quality standards


Though the future is considered to be a grey zone by most, at Dermacare we are very certain of our future; a future full of professional success, a future loaded with our patient’s trust and a future making Dermacare an exemplary institution compelling many to follow its footsteps. At the same time, Dermacare will also be the first center in the private sector to reward UAE’s population by initiating community awareness campaigns in select areas of a common man’s interests and concerns. May God help us to achieve it all. We have been, and will remain performs through our inherited Principle Excelling Though Excellence; because we believe you are precious

Once again, after seeing a phenomenal appreciation of Dermacare’s practice standards till date, it has made us gain even more confidence and professional strength to announce that now we have transform Dermacare to be the first Super Specialized Dermatology Center in the region. This concept has been translated to reality since the last one year, through creating multiple ‘Centers of Excellence’ in the important areas of Clinical Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. Each of these centers of excellence will be headed by Super Specialized Physicians and surgeons who are considered to be professional authorities in the respective fields of their practice. By doing so, Dermacare has once again, become a trendsetter, as it had been 15 years ago by becoming the first specialty center in dermatology in UAE.


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International Affiliations

As part of its vision, Dermacare undertakes a number of international affiliations with the aim to offer its patients the highest levels of quality care and service, based on deep knowledge and expertise.

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